Jan. 16th, 2009

karmauberalles: as opposed to kind of fake (also sprach von karma)
I've received more information on our current mission. One would think that I would've been told this before we started flying around aimlessly. Apparently, the Rockgala was seen docking somewhere in northern Ivona at what is presumably its base of operations. This means, of course, that the ship has prepared for cold weather and the lot of you who'll be going on this expedition should get your supplies in the armory. I've heard stories, which I shall refrain to comment upon because if I do we'll probably run into the damn things.

Anyway, our objective is to infiltrate whatever sort of dwelling they have, capture the members of the ring, and bring the monsters back to Ivona where I suppose they'll be given to good homes or euthanized. I'll be taking signups for those who'll accompany me on the infiltration. When we arrive, pilots are to scout out the area and report possible infiltration points.

(ooc: OKAY SO HERE IS HOW ALL OF THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN. Those who sign up will be randomly sorted into teams that will enter the base at their designated location. The teams will be announced in a post on the OOC comm shortly before the logs. Before the actual logs, the pilots will do a flyover to determine where those points are and report them over the journals. Furthermore, once the actual logs begin, it's encouraged that your characters communicate over the journals while this is going on.)
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