Mar. 1st, 2009

karmauberalles: as opposed to kind of fake (CLAMP'D)
If any of those fools in Parliament decide to send the Victoria II to the north again, they'll have to find some idiot to do it. That damned mission felt like it took months. Thankfully, nobody seemed to remember my birthday, so I suppose I dodged a bullet of pure embarrassment there.

Anyway... oh, damnit, it's almost Amicus. You all have leave so long as you leave me alone. Otherwise, you're going to be spending the holiday in the brig. I'll have enough to deal with considering all the politicians that will be trying to curry favor with me... bah. And I'll need to get flowers, too, but I can never remember what the hell they mean. Hmph.

Also, regarding the animals; you're only allowed to keep them if I decide you're capable of controlling them. I haven't had a day where I haven't found something in my bed when I was trying to get some sleep. That damned penguin will be the first to go.
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