Apr. 24th, 2009

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...hmph. Even after that, I don't see why we're needed here.

Anyway, the police are intending to launch a raid into one of the suspected bases of Clan Veluga, the aforementioned mage cartel. Apparently, most of their work has been in trading illegal magical artifacts, but more recently, they've been branching out into some sort of mercenary work. Half a year ago, they assisted an anarchist group in a bank heist in Tulgim, and have since been implicated in activities such as the attempt on the life of the head of the Beggars' Guild in Kropmork. They also seem to be responsible for sabotaging a few merchant ships and attempting to sabotage the ship of a public official.

This is, of course, very worrying, but what concerns us most is a matter of international importance: namely, the suspicion that one of them was hired to teleport the Kropmork assassins in and out of the building. They've been quiet in the months after the assassinations, but activity seems to be picking up again. Anyway, the police say we're here so they can be handed over to us once they're caught, but I'm sure that they'll be screaming for backup in no time at all, so be on your-

[an explosion can be heard in the background, which was likely heard throughout the rest of the ship. The connection is silent for a second or two.]

...oh, goddamnit, not this again!

(OOC: Woo, plot! There is, of course, an explosion in the kitchen, but that's not the crew's biggest concern. Mages from Clan Veluga have boarded the ship, and the crew will have to find and incapacitate them. They'll have to deal with magical traps that cast random Standard RPG Status Effects on the unlucky person that walks on them, though! The effect will be triggered by walking on a chalk-outlined circle, and effects that are being included in this event are Paralysis (which can be limited to a limb or two), Sleep, Silence, Blind, Berserk, Confusion, and Slow. The other ones won't be, mainly because they'd be too unfair, cracky, or, in the case of Charm, similar to another status effect. They'll wear off on their own, but probably not before the event's over.

This will run like the Fiertia plot, in that most of the interaction will be done over journals. If you want to do a log, that's fine! If you want an NPC or two, though, just contact me.)
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