Sep. 27th, 2009

karmauberalles: as opposed to kind of fake (SO ANNOYED)
Apparently the king doesn't want to see any of us after all. So much for anything resembling hospitality. I've received word from the royal family as to what our mission is, at the very least.

The Erealian ambassador to Ivona is heading to Bellicus to discuss the issues of the past year and what will happen if any of this mess spreads to them. In true royal fashion, Prince Humperdink threw a tantrum until the ambassador let him on the ship.

In the event that you don't give a damn about the royal family, he's the third in line for the throne. I personally don't blame you if you have no desire to keep track of Erealian court politics, and I'm only including this information because the fact that he's rather high on the regal pecking order is the only reason we're here. Erealia doesn't have a competent navy to speak of, so we're in charge of making sure that nobody kidnaps and/or offs the prince while on the way to Ivona.

We're leaving tomorrow, as if we haven't been here long enough. If you have any business here, conclude it before we leave.

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