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So, Curtiss, are you still convinced I'm going to strain myself after that whole incident?

Which was admittedly rather embarrassing and necessary, but my point stands.
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[whimpering can be heard throughout most of the post. It is very, very obvious that this is not coming from von Karma.]




Damnit, these stains are never coming out.

Ah, good. Apparently these damnable enchantments wear off. At present, I have a captive, and hopefully those of you who weren't completely mad have found a few as well.

One of the boatswains-I don't care which of you does it-should come and take this prisoner off my hands. Edgeworth, I'll need you shortly.

None of you are ever to bring this up again.
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This is the most annoying thing I've ever had to deal with. For those of you who are still in your right minds, try to at least get one alive for questioning. I'd rather we weren't just stuck without any leads agai-




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...hmph. Even after that, I don't see why we're needed here.

Anyway, the police are intending to launch a raid into one of the suspected bases of Clan Veluga, the aforementioned mage cartel. Apparently, most of their work has been in trading illegal magical artifacts, but more recently, they've been branching out into some sort of mercenary work. Half a year ago, they assisted an anarchist group in a bank heist in Tulgim, and have since been implicated in activities such as the attempt on the life of the head of the Beggars' Guild in Kropmork. They also seem to be responsible for sabotaging a few merchant ships and attempting to sabotage the ship of a public official.

This is, of course, very worrying, but what concerns us most is a matter of international importance: namely, the suspicion that one of them was hired to teleport the Kropmork assassins in and out of the building. They've been quiet in the months after the assassinations, but activity seems to be picking up again. Anyway, the police say we're here so they can be handed over to us once they're caught, but I'm sure that they'll be screaming for backup in no time at all, so be on your-

[an explosion can be heard in the background, which was likely heard throughout the rest of the ship. The connection is silent for a second or two.]

...oh, goddamnit, not this again!

(OOC: Woo, plot! There is, of course, an explosion in the kitchen, but that's not the crew's biggest concern. Mages from Clan Veluga have boarded the ship, and the crew will have to find and incapacitate them. They'll have to deal with magical traps that cast random Standard RPG Status Effects on the unlucky person that walks on them, though! The effect will be triggered by walking on a chalk-outlined circle, and effects that are being included in this event are Paralysis (which can be limited to a limb or two), Sleep, Silence, Blind, Berserk, Confusion, and Slow. The other ones won't be, mainly because they'd be too unfair, cracky, or, in the case of Charm, similar to another status effect. They'll wear off on their own, but probably not before the event's over.

This will run like the Fiertia plot, in that most of the interaction will be done over journals. If you want to do a log, that's fine! If you want an NPC or two, though, just contact me.)
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Now that we've landed in Solare, I'm going to go speak to the police chief in the particular district that seems to have all the trouble to see why they're unable to deal with their own crime problem. You do not have leave, and I can't really imagine why you'd want it.

If you have no combat training or weaponry and need to make a supply run, find someone who does and ask them to accompany you. The same goes for passengers who, for whatever reason, want to temporarily leave the ship. While we can handle anything criminals throw at us and the police here are likely to be utter incompetents, the fact that we're needed here in the first place is worrying and I'd rather not have to deal with the repercussions of any of you getting killed.
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I really never thought I'd have to bring this up, but since it appears as though the Navy no longer has any concept of quality control, respectability, or discipline, I am making this very clear to you all right now.

The next person to engage in any sort of lewd conduct, whether over the network or in person, is going to get a flogging. My definition of lewd contact includes sexual harassment, claiming to own other people's breasts, going above your pathetic, insignificant station and ordering members of the crew to strip in order to enter the mess hall, and other things of that nature.

Consider this your only warning. I will consider more severe punishments for repeat offenders.


Apr. 4th, 2009 11:03 pm
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We're moving to Solare now. Apparently, there's some damned mage cartel about that requires us to... patrol the area. Supposedly, they've got interests in Kropmork, which places them under suspicion of being involved in the assassinations.

Hopefully you're all on the ship, because I'm not waiting for you if you aren't.

(OOC: If you had plans to interact with characters on the Silvana, don't worry; there is a three-day overlap between the Silvana arriving and the Victoria II leaving, so you can still backdate. The ship will be in the air for a very short amount of time, so feel free to post about Solare whenever. If you have any questions, ask me and I'll clarify~!)
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Oh, wonderful. I see Vohemar's continuing its time-honored tradition of harboring pirates. You'd think that the fact that they're thieves and murderers would be enough to earn them a hanging, but I'm sure Vohemar would be horrified to lose such vital contributions to its economy.

Well, no matter. Once we cross paths with them again, we'll drag them back here ourselves. It'd be too much for us to expect any outside help in this endeavor.
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If any of those fools in Parliament decide to send the Victoria II to the north again, they'll have to find some idiot to do it. That damned mission felt like it took months. Thankfully, nobody seemed to remember my birthday, so I suppose I dodged a bullet of pure embarrassment there.

Anyway... oh, damnit, it's almost Amicus. You all have leave so long as you leave me alone. Otherwise, you're going to be spending the holiday in the brig. I'll have enough to deal with considering all the politicians that will be trying to curry favor with me... bah. And I'll need to get flowers, too, but I can never remember what the hell they mean. Hmph.

Also, regarding the animals; you're only allowed to keep them if I decide you're capable of controlling them. I haven't had a day where I haven't found something in my bed when I was trying to get some sleep. That damned penguin will be the first to go.
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...I believe all the original dissenters are gone, but for any of you who had any issue with us going after the 4423 when it was downed: I hope you're eating your words now.
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We're leaving now. Be sure to take caution while on this mission; there are walls surrounding the base that you'll need to find some way past, and there will likely be guards. I don't know how effective or numerous they are. I doubt they'll be enough to give any of you trouble. Still, don't throw caution to the wind. If you allow yourselves to be surrounded, don't expect me to show up and save you.
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As you may have guessed from the fact that the ship is no longer moving, we've landed. I've made sure that we've landed a reasonable distance from where the base is supposedly located, so it is unlikely that our quarry knows of our presence.

Sun Ce, Lombardi, Kariya, Stadtfield, and Wisla: you are all to scout out the area so I can determine how to engage this in the most effective manner possible. Find any possible entrances, note how well said entrances are guarded, etc. Report anything I need to know. It's snowing, but it's not very windy, so you should have decent enough cover that you aren't noticed.

(OOC: Any pilots reporting in should note that the base looks like a shabby, abandoned military outpost. There are walls that are fortified enough to be a decent defense, and these walls have three visible entrances. One has a few guards patrolling right out front, while the other two aren't that well-guarded at all. The Rockgala is also docked inside the walls; it should be easily recognizable, as it's the only ship there.)
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I've received more information on our current mission. One would think that I would've been told this before we started flying around aimlessly. Apparently, the Rockgala was seen docking somewhere in northern Ivona at what is presumably its base of operations. This means, of course, that the ship has prepared for cold weather and the lot of you who'll be going on this expedition should get your supplies in the armory. I've heard stories, which I shall refrain to comment upon because if I do we'll probably run into the damn things.

Anyway, our objective is to infiltrate whatever sort of dwelling they have, capture the members of the ring, and bring the monsters back to Ivona where I suppose they'll be given to good homes or euthanized. I'll be taking signups for those who'll accompany me on the infiltration. When we arrive, pilots are to scout out the area and report possible infiltration points.

(ooc: OKAY SO HERE IS HOW ALL OF THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN. Those who sign up will be randomly sorted into teams that will enter the base at their designated location. The teams will be announced in a post on the OOC comm shortly before the logs. Before the actual logs, the pilots will do a flyover to determine where those points are and report them over the journals. Furthermore, once the actual logs begin, it's encouraged that your characters communicate over the journals while this is going on.)
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I suppose we were overdue for a mission, but the timing couldn't be worse.

All crew members report to the ship. I've received an urgent order to take down the Rockgala, which is reportedly the home of a ring of illegal monster traders that have been selling their wares on the black market. We'll chase the ship down, board it, and apprehend the traders. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this is a routine mission; the species that are being sold are apparently easily trained and can be incredibly powerful, and I highly doubt that the traders haven't selected a few of them to serve as unorthodox bodyguards.

If you aren't on the ship in fifteen minutes, you'll be left behind and you will be liable for demotions.

45 [Public]

Jan. 8th, 2009 06:45 pm
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As usual, the Vohemaro government seems to be shooting itself in the foot. I can't exactly see why they feel the need to anger a group that, in quite a few cases, has proven to have capabilities superior to most humans, but I suppose figuring that out would require that I didn't have a functioning brain.
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Of all the possible explanations for these incidents, I'm sure there's one we can discount. You'd really think that if the world was ending for some damned religious region, it'd be less sedate and more like some sort of ridiculous, technicolor hallucination dreamed up by some deranged, half-starved prophet.
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Isaiah Lye Vormoni? What an unfortunate name. It sounds vaguely like his parents were trying to make some horrid pun, although I can't imagine what sorts of horrid parents would string together something so... obvious.

Also, this is getting positively ridiculous. Wright, if you haven't run away like any sane man would, see me now if you enjoy breathing.

The rest of you: if any of Leblanc's men make it on the ship, the one responsible will wish that he or she was never born.

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Bunansa, Wisla, and Lombardi are to report to the Rochester estate at five o' clock. If the rest of you want to watch the promotion ceremony, report to the Rochester estate at six. If you're nothing more than a freeloader who wants to go to the party, be there at seven.

If there are any altercations related to that post, someone is going to die.
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It seems as though the officials responsible for the promotion ceremony and the party that follows have neglected to tell me that both will be held two days from now. If you can't find something appropriate to wear by then, I suppose your uniforms will suffice.

Also, Minamimoto: report to the deck for your punishment now.
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We've arrived in Bellcius. You all have leave until ordered otherwise.

Also, on a side note, Sub-Lieutenant Bunansa and Sub-Lieutenant Wisla will be promoted to Lieutenant, Lieutenant Lombardi will be promoted to Major, and Fenton will recieve a commission for their acts of heroism in the numerous crises that the Victoria II has faced in the past few months. There will be an official promotional ceremony, which will be followed by a formal function
which is completely unnecessary and I will not be attending if I can help it. All members of the crew are invited and encouraged to attend.

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