Jan. 18th, 2009

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As you may have guessed from the fact that the ship is no longer moving, we've landed. I've made sure that we've landed a reasonable distance from where the base is supposedly located, so it is unlikely that our quarry knows of our presence.

Sun Ce, Lombardi, Kariya, Stadtfield, and Wisla: you are all to scout out the area so I can determine how to engage this in the most effective manner possible. Find any possible entrances, note how well said entrances are guarded, etc. Report anything I need to know. It's snowing, but it's not very windy, so you should have decent enough cover that you aren't noticed.

(OOC: Any pilots reporting in should note that the base looks like a shabby, abandoned military outpost. There are walls that are fortified enough to be a decent defense, and these walls have three visible entrances. One has a few guards patrolling right out front, while the other two aren't that well-guarded at all. The Rockgala is also docked inside the walls; it should be easily recognizable, as it's the only ship there.)
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