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...It should be obvious what you all are to do. Board them and quickly deal with anyone who tries to board the Victoria II. Edgeworth, you're in charge of the ship until this is over.

Try not to die.
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...Are those idiots trying a kamikaze attack? They're heading straight for us and don't seem to show any sign of changing course.

Well, in any case, we simply have to shoot them down before they manage to do so. Would the gunners kindly learn how to aim so we can accomplish this?
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T... that hit was just a scratch, nothing more! One lucky hit isn't enough to take us down. Our defenses are far too impressive for anything of that caliber to affect us.

Don't be deterred. Keep firing at them and bring them down!
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Considering that the captain of the Fiertia kindly informed the 4423 that we're approaching, I see no reason to inform them that we're about to attack. I don't feel like dealing with those idiots' comments at this point in time, and it would give them time to run away.

We're just about in range, so fire when ready. Lombardi, go watch the ambassador's ship and radio me in the event that anything comes up which I need to be aware of. Crescent, I want you taking care of any planes they send at us.

We're not letting them get away this time.
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To the crew of the Fiertia:

Do not try to interfere with the ship that's approaching us. That ship is the 4423, who are the worst pirates I've ever seen who somehow manage to get away all the time.

My crew will be taking that ship down and bringing its crew to justice. Stay out of our way and everything should work out perfectly.
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This is the captain of the Victoria II speaking.

To the ship that has recently entered our airspace: state your name and your reason for being here. If you are a hostile party, be assured that I will do whatever it takes to shoot you out of the sky.

If you are not, I would like to speak to your captain.
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Apparently the king doesn't want to see any of us after all. So much for anything resembling hospitality. I've received word from the royal family as to what our mission is, at the very least.

The Erealian ambassador to Ivona is heading to Bellicus to discuss the issues of the past year and what will happen if any of this mess spreads to them. In true royal fashion, Prince Humperdink threw a tantrum until the ambassador let him on the ship.

In the event that you don't give a damn about the royal family, he's the third in line for the throne. I personally don't blame you if you have no desire to keep track of Erealian court politics, and I'm only including this information because the fact that he's rather high on the regal pecking order is the only reason we're here. Erealia doesn't have a competent navy to speak of, so we're in charge of making sure that nobody kidnaps and/or offs the prince while on the way to Ivona.

We're leaving tomorrow, as if we haven't been here long enough. If you have any business here, conclude it before we leave.

Filtered to officers | Hard to hack )
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Lt. Commander Crescent found a bomb in the hangar. He says it appears to be inactive, but if any of you have expertise in disarming bombs, I'd prefer that you went instead of anyone who'd wind up killing us all.

Do a sweep through the ship, as well. I don't want any more incidents like last year.

It should go without saying that I want to know who did this.
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I hope you all haven't forgotten how to do actual work, as we're leaving for Erealia in about a half an hour. I trust you'll all be prepared for this particular mission. Do read up on etiquette. I haven't received full details of the mission, but apparently the king wants an audience with some of us. I'm sure a single thing that offends the king could potentially sever relations between Ivona and Erealia. If any of you do offend him, I will do my best to deal with you in a way that is satisfactory, and believe me, you won't enjoy it.

Also, Miles Edgeworth has been reinstated as first mate, provided that he doesn't do anything else that's absolutely embarrassing. He can deal with all this nonsense. That's punishment enough.

[Filtered to Edgeworth | Unhackable]

Your pay isn't being reinstated, of course, and you will only attend to things that I specifically tell you to. Your orders for now are to attend to paperwork.

You should consider yourself extremely lucky that you're getting a second chance. Don't expect a third.
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[von Karma sounds... rather ill.]


If you ever cook on this ship again, do it only for yourself.

This is an order.
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Filtered to the Victoria II boatswains )

[Filtered to the Victoria II]

Someone shove Bonnefoy in the brig. Wrap a sheet around him, if you need to.
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Miles Edgeworth has been found by Major Mustang and Major Hijikata. He has also been indefinitely removed from the position of first mate for being a bloody embarrassment. No, I will not be replacing him with a temporary first mate, so sucking up to me in the hopes that you'll get a temporary increase in power will not be appreciated at all.

With that said, it's become quite clear that Edgeworth isn't personally responsible for the attack on Gavin. Despite his recent idiocy, I'm almost positive that someone else is responsible for this. I'd like to launch an investigation into the matter, as I can't let an attempt on the life of one of my officers go by the wayside.
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I am extremely displeased with this turn of events, although... De Alkirk, is there anything left of your plane? I want it examined for evidence of sabotage. ...you're still alive, aren't you?

...also. Is anyone on the ship aware of the first mate's whereabouts? I doubt he'd be so infuriatingly absent voluntarily and if he is...
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Normally, I'd consider this sort of thing frivolous and unnecessary, but I like the sound of these plane races. I'm sure it would be a very good opportunity to sabotage the 4423 kill that smug little brat scout out possible insurgent groups in the north Badlands. Of course, to keep our intentions from being obvious, this ship's pilots will certainly be allowed to enter.

After all, I'm sure after that slight against us, I'm sure you'd like to destroy the bastards kill them all show the 4423 what the Victoria II's capable of.
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I wonder how long it is until we hear another long, irate speech from Mr. Falls. I do believe we're due for another one. I can't say I'd blame him, though, although I'm sure it's only a fad. I'm sure we all know-

...where the hell did this come from?


"Your suit is bad and you should feel bad-"

Who wrote this.
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Oh, goddamn this! I almost had those damned mages right there, and Parliament blows up! The damn thing's more trouble than it's worth, and I always knew it'd be a bleeding magnet for terrorists... feh. Did they have any security personnel? If so, they all should be fired for doing an absolutely terrible job. And the news had to come when I was in the shower, too.

Nobody's contacted me yet, but of course they'll want us on riot control or some nonsense. We're leaving for Bellicus now, so get back to the ship if you aren't currently on it.
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Can't you all just exchange poems under a private filter? I don't care if you do it in your free time, I just don't want to see your horrible attempts at poetry. This goes double for you, Commander Cao Cao.

It's bad enough that the damnable ship that nearly blew up half of Melior is here. I can't imagine how the Silvana escaped any legal action whatsoever, and the fact that it did annoys me to no end. Their gunners should at least have been trained to aim before seeing any sort of action.

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