Aug. 29th, 2009

karmauberalles: as opposed to kind of fake (SO ANNOYED)
I hope you all haven't forgotten how to do actual work, as we're leaving for Erealia in about a half an hour. I trust you'll all be prepared for this particular mission. Do read up on etiquette. I haven't received full details of the mission, but apparently the king wants an audience with some of us. I'm sure a single thing that offends the king could potentially sever relations between Ivona and Erealia. If any of you do offend him, I will do my best to deal with you in a way that is satisfactory, and believe me, you won't enjoy it.

Also, Miles Edgeworth has been reinstated as first mate, provided that he doesn't do anything else that's absolutely embarrassing. He can deal with all this nonsense. That's punishment enough.

[Filtered to Edgeworth | Unhackable]

Your pay isn't being reinstated, of course, and you will only attend to things that I specifically tell you to. Your orders for now are to attend to paperwork.

You should consider yourself extremely lucky that you're getting a second chance. Don't expect a third.
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